Thursday, 21 August 2008

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Fine ark building weather.

Excuse me. It difficult to typ e in snorkle and flippers. Rain, rain, go away. We all laughed when Madame said her Big Life Plan included learning to kayak but it's starting to look like a useful skill. A couple more weeks of gloom and rain and she'll be able to canoe to work every day down Byres Road.

While we are all waiting for blue skies and ... what was that funny yellow glowy thing ... up in the sky ... very warm ... er ... oh - the sun - yay, the sun!

Let's go the Little Zoo of Misfits! The Little Zoo's owner and creator has just come up with the bestest Misfit yet - the Washy Machine Monster - devourer of lost socks! eek! so scary. so cute.

Yes. Ever so slightly scary to a small bear who is due for a bath soon. I think that someone should give him a home so that I can bathe without fear. Apparently I use the same launderette as Kylie Minogue. Which is nice. I'll feel right glamorous when I whirling round with the towels and t-shirts.

If Mr Washy Machine is too scary then there are some lovely Misfit bunnies and we've just ordered a little happy robot brooch - because someone really loved WALL-E.

Rightie ho. I'm off to read up on What to do in case of Flooding. I'm going to call my boat "The Saucy Pink Hippo". Because I can.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Summertime blues.

Oh, dear. Since we got back from holiday it has been Problems. More problems. And rain. Mostly.

How things should be.

How things are.

We are available for hire if anyone has a small Caribbean island that they're not using and needs a small bear and a smallish woman to look after it. We've got our dessert island discs already picked out.