Friday, 31 October 2014

Welcome to The Furry Tails All Hallow's Read Scary Book List *evil laugh*

Welcome to the Furry Tails Library. Come right in. We don't bite ... much! Well, I don't have any teeth, Demon Bob is a veggie & Mr Happy only likes a certain type of marshmallowy biscuit. So if you're not made of cotton wool, a carrot, or hiding a Tunnock's Teacake about your person, you'll be fine :o)

Mr Neil Gaiman started the All Hallow's Read tradition a few years ago. The idea is to get people reading & sharing & talking about scary books. So I thought it would be interesting to ask some of the ghouls & ghosties that hang about on Twitter for their favourite scary story. So here they are. Just follow the sound of the rattling chains.

Oh! & I've added a few wee linkies for anyone who wants to investigate further.

Winnie The Witch written by Valerie Thoma & illustrated by Korky Paul

Have just finished "The Blackheath Seance Parlour" by Alan Williams. About 2 sisters who open one in 1840's in Blackheath, South London. It's near where I live. Descriptions of seances and Gothic novel being written by one sister all very atmospheric and scary. I recommend it and author is good to chat to on twitter. I went to Blackheath to get my bearings (excuse pun)!!

Scary story: Pooh Bear stuck in Rabbit's front door with NOTHING TO EAT for days. We'll have to think on other ideas. But that one scares us.

fur all hallows read unkle can i offer finn family moomintroll by tove jansson wot dus haf th skary charakter of th Groke in it *shivers* i fink th Groke is beary skary fur small animals lyke wintah cumin. brrrrr.

Can I nominate the short story Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft. The decent into madness it portrays is chilling.

I like The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. I saw the movie as a cub many times. It had Vincent Price and Peter Lorre in it. Very silly but fun for cubs.

My hoomin's favrit scary book is Stephen King's It - it scared her nephew too wen she said "we all float down here" in the dark, hehe!

For All Hallow's Read I nominate Jamie's America. Because quite frankly Jamie Oliver's massive tongue frightens the heck outta me.

It was disneys snow white dat terrifyd mee. wen da wikkid kween looks in da mirra n da fays in da mirra ooooo *runs off to hyd*

The Exorcist !!! I am old enough to have read when first published,,,,skeeeerd the life outta in one sitting!!! will not watch film.

My submission for All Hallow's Read: Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things. I like that Courtney is a smart, curious and plucky heroine in a spooky place that needs her as much as she needs it. It's by Ted Naifeh.

All Hallow's Read - we @ Woo towers r fans of Phil Rickman - any of his stuff really, all scary Merrily Watkins series &  Candlenight v good. We r patiently waiting for his new book - not a Merrily Watkins :(  to come out end of month - we have read everything the man has written.

Bunnicula by James Howe about a vampire rabbit who sucks carrots. It could happen to any of our friends! It's true to life!

Moms fav scary book is an old Stephen King novel-"Salem's Lot" It had young vampires in it & she was scared 2 let her friend in her house because the book said yoo had to invite a vampire in she worried about her friend being a vampire! MOL!

Da skeery book wot we likes is frum long time ago called  The Portent by Marilyn Harris. It doz be very creepy to finks da earth could fites back! Iz from da 80s n no longer in print but wuz freaky. H2 readed it several times.

Well there's Mog and Bunny by Judith Kerr because there is peril for a pink bunny within its pages. There was an old lady who swallowed a fly by M. Twinn (& Pam Adams) - because she ate a spider. But then there's Nothing by Mick Inkpen because it's about a bear's worst nightmare, being left behind & losing his person.

@thisbear ... wait a moment ... that's me! Oh, dear. Which book to pick? Is this the scariest book ever written? *screams* Yes. Yes, it is.

But the scary story that I'd actually like to share with folk is Ben Templesmith's Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse books. Wormwood is dark & scary & silly & very funny. Apparently a cartoon version is being planned.

What's this? Madame wants to chose a book too or she will turn me into a floor mop? That is strong magic!

Madame's recommendation is The Matrix by Jonathan Aycliffe. Nothing to do with taking the blue pill or Keanu in a shades. It's about a Scottish academic who is drawn into a strange life full of ghostly happenings, haunted bookshops & occult libraries after his wife's death. Things do not go well for him.

Dearie me, getting a bit spooked now. Getting rather dark in the old library. Might just grab my turnip lantern & a copy of Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears by Emily Gravett & scuttle off to my nice safe bed.

 Goodnight! Sweet dreams.