Thursday, 4 November 2010

Dawn of the Ted

"I'm a zombie now" she said.

I sat very still & tried to think "what would Simon Pegg & Nick Frost do?" I had been doing some very important staring & wondering & was caught unprepared.

Sure enough she had been very pasty faced recently & often stumbled about moaning & groaning. I hadn't noticed. I was a very bad but very busy bear.

She only calls me Teddy when she's angry or gloomy.

"Teddy, I can't sleep. Do you have a hug for your old madame?"

She wanted me close so she could munch me like a toffee doughnut. A sad end to the life of an amazing bear.

"I'm too wonderful to die in the paws of the evil walking dead". Oops. Did I say that out loud?

"Quite" she said "but what about my insomnia?" & she prodded me with her sleep diary.

She has insomnia. I have cloth ears.
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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Testing. Testing. 1. 2. 3.

Hello little blog. I am a bad & naughty blog bear. I have been lured away by the shiny that is Twitter.

We got one of those smartypants phones & discovered we could tweet from exciting & exotic locations like under the quilt or Fife. Got to go to pawpawties & take part in world tours & spend evenings at nipclub.

Poor little blog - you just couldn't keep up. But we've found this app thing. Not sure if it will work. Let's see :o)

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Monday, 26 April 2010

Where is Bear?

Hello little blog! More neglect. Busy bear. Easier to Twitter when I'm out and about. Or hiding under the covers. We're having a tough old year so quite a lot of hiding under the covers is happening. I am thinking about retraining as a tractor driver - how do I look?

Friday, 5 March 2010

What happened to February?

Busy February. Proud to represent Scotland in the Teddy Olympics. Managed to collect bronze in Peek-A-Boo, silver in Dabbling and Eye To Eye, and - extremely proud of this - gold in the Balltastic event ...

Bit disappointed that Partick Thistle haven't been in touch. Maybe they're worried that I'll cost too much now I'm an olympic star.

Ah, well. Don't know what happened in the human olympics but the teddy olympics were very well organised by a great team of toys - Olly Ted, Spencer Teddy and the rest of the gang.

Must be the award season. The lovely Frugal Dougal got on the shortlist for a Shorty for his charity work. Just missed out on first place but still top dog - and full marks to his staff for that Dougal costume so that they could represent him properly in New York. Brilliant!

Excellent news from the Grammys - once I got over my disappointment that it wasn't an special award ceremony for grannies and grandmas - Mr Ramblin' Jack Elliot got the award for best traditional blues album.

And in the post today ...

... thanks to my mate Spud - now available in Twitter size as Spudacious - and his wonderful Hillbillie.

Madame has been up to stuff too. Coughing. That film festival thing. Messing about with phones. Doing stuff with wool and *shudder* that mofluff stuff. More coughing. I blame the mofluff. The mo should keep that fluff to themselves.

All I want now is that spring to hurry up and arrive. Liked the snow. Not so keen on ice and slush and sharing the bed with freezy cold feet. Ready for snowdrops and daylight and goodbye to bed socks.

Need to get some sleep then so wavy paw for now!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

No new ears

So I work from home and maybe it does look like I'm just lounging about in bed all day, staring in to space and doing nowt. I'll have you know that the life of a small bear is full of trauma and angst. I have to protect the pyjamas from pyjama thieves and something horrible could happen to those pillows if I wasn't here to keep them in their place. And looking after Madame. That is a whole heap of hard work.

I haven't had much time for hobbies. She has her knitting and moaning about things.

Do enjoy a good book. Have a couple waiting for me by the bed - Teddy Bear Stories for Grown Ups and The Panda Book of Horror. The Panda book has a story in it by Ian Potter - the chap behind the rather excellent No Tomatoes.

I did have the rally driving but having to give that up now that my navigator has gone off to California to hunt jackalopes.

Got some new coloured pencils recently. Would be nice to do a bit of drawing but they are rather smart Muppet pencils. All lovely in a Fozzie Bear tin. Don't want to waste their loveliness.

What to do? tum te tum

Hang on. This looks promising. Dude Craft! I'm a crafty dude.

And here it is - the perfect hobby. I just have to roll under the bed and I'll have everything I need for dust bunny sculpture.

I am a happy bear :o)