Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Puir wee lamb

She's a sad sight. She had a ticket to see Ed Harcourt at Oran Mor tonight but the poor little sad sack is too knackered for stand up, crowded, noisy fun.


Insult to injury. Vashti Bunyan is on Radcliffe & Maconie. She - Ms. Bunyan - sounds like a lovely woman - but the look on Madame's wan wee face would crack a granite heart. Good job that I'm heartless. She's trying to get me to join her in a game of Mousetrap.

It's board games or knitting. She's been having a look at some of her craft books today and is thinking about attempting some Big Knitting. Something smallish and simple on biggish needles. By coincidence Althea Merback's beautiful wee pieces of miniature knitting got a mention on BoingBoing today. Lovely stuff.

Ah. She's just perked up a bit. The Scaremongers are making her happy. Yes, it is that Simon Armitage.

Just time for some Coulter's Candy before bed. Remember and brush your teeth after! Night night.

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Puddock said...

Hello bear

Do send my sympathy to Madame. At least it's the right time of year to be cuddling up on the settee with a bear, a mug of coffee and the telly.

I took up knitting last year again after many, many wool-free years - I say took up - I knitted a scarf and a beanie hat for myself so it hardly qualified as proper knitting! Very therapeutic though.