Thursday, 30 July 2009

Bear in July

Had high hopes for July. Was looking forward to birthdays, long sunny afternoons, picnics in the park, maybe a bit of kite flying, lots of relaxing.

Had the birthday. Very nice it was too. Madame made me a rather spiffing eco wool jumper and some socks. She did get a bit carried away and was talking about balaclavas and woolly pants but luckily Andrew Morgan has new album out and that distracted her.

I also got my extremely spiffing new car - a shiny red M&S Biscuit Tin Racer. Powered by a small boy and a bit of string that little biscuit tin can send a small bear flying across a play park like, um, a quite fast thing.

Did I say something about slow living? I was wrong. Obviously. Turns out I just needed safety goggles.

The rest of July was mostly rubbish. meh. Rain. More rain. Rain. Too much time spent staring at the phone and the computer. Too much time spent wondering if we have a dodgy phone, a dodgy phone line, a dodgy broadband connection, a dodgy computer or a dodgy power cable. Far too much time wasted thinking about how much better our lives would be if one of us was a telecom engineer. Took some time off from that to wonder at Window Box Squirrel's cheek - dug up half of our lettuces so that he could bury half a baguette. He likes to swing on the phone line. He might be our problem. We have confiscated his baguette.

And then this outrage. The Department for Children, Schools and Families don't have to worry. I wasn't going to share my crayons with them any way.

More rain. Bit of gloom. Apart from a lovely sunny day when Madame went to Inchailloch. I didn't get to go - to busy disinfecting my crayons - but she came back all smiley. Which was nice.

And now it's time to get ready for August. Let's have some Andrew Morgan to get us in the mood ...

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