Thursday, 4 November 2010

Dawn of the Ted

"I'm a zombie now" she said.

I sat very still & tried to think "what would Simon Pegg & Nick Frost do?" I had been doing some very important staring & wondering & was caught unprepared.

Sure enough she had been very pasty faced recently & often stumbled about moaning & groaning. I hadn't noticed. I was a very bad but very busy bear.

She only calls me Teddy when she's angry or gloomy.

"Teddy, I can't sleep. Do you have a hug for your old madame?"

She wanted me close so she could munch me like a toffee doughnut. A sad end to the life of an amazing bear.

"I'm too wonderful to die in the paws of the evil walking dead". Oops. Did I say that out loud?

"Quite" she said "but what about my insomnia?" & she prodded me with her sleep diary.

She has insomnia. I have cloth ears.
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blindmaximus said...

BOL! Excellent! Well, not excellent that Madame is a zombie and munching you like a doughnut, but excellent post!

Sullivan McPig said...

Great post!! And I would buy a baseball bat to hit her with if I was you!

marley said...

Hmmm, I fink you be sleepin wiv one ye open my chum

Marlowe said...

Maybe some kind of weapon wouldn't be a bad idea!

how to get rid of problem said...

so sweet, she is awesome and nice .

Michael TheMonkey said...

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