Saturday, 3 March 2007

Holiday in my head

Yay! She went out today. An end to the death bed scenes. And I spent the day doing nothing. Nothing at all. And I did it lying down. I could have spent some time pondering the Japanese Army's campaign of cuteness (as seen in Tokyo Mango). I could have thought big poetic thoughts. Could have thought more about the Oasis problem. Didn't. Did nothing. It was brilliant. I wonder if it's too late to become a sloth.

She's come back with 2 new alarm clocks. Yes, mornings are fun in this house. And more clothes. Tsk. She's brought me a copy of Lenore. Thought it was a bit babyish at first but then I got to the bit where the Easter Bunny got squished. Big fun. And Samurai Sloth. I could be Ninja Sloth. That's my plan for tomorrow. Indolence by stealth.

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