Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Bye, bye, Tiny Blur.

Now he's wild and free (to a good home).

In other news.

Holiday! Birthday! Both coming up soon! Yay! Too much excitement! Too many !!!!!!!

But if you think that's excessive - over to our Wainwright correspondent ...


There may have been more screaming but I blacked out. I don't know. He wore a flat cap well, but, ow, ow, ow ...

Nose now pinged. Must not mock the Wainwright. Humpf.

Before I go and sit in the naughty corner - the fireworks are, of course, from the Singapore Fireworks Festival. I am not aware of any mass celebrations to mark the end of this era - the People's Tone shuffles off without pageants and ceremony. I could be wrong. Maybe somewhere in Britain tonight a sad and lonely figure is trying to light a damp sparkler and raising a cup of warm Vimto.

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