Sunday, 17 February 2008

A bear's path to Nirvana

I'm plodding on. We've had a couple of spring type days. A lazy sunny crisp afternoon. Just a hint of malt in the air from the brewery. Doesn't get much better for a small bear.

I could see Madame more. She's back at work pretty much full time and now the Film Festival has started. My only chance of getting her attention is having myself subtitled. I did catch her eye the other day by pretending to be Steve Buscemi.

I was going to use my free time to have another look at Buddhism For Bears but then they mentioned the new Mr Men website on The News Quiz - I can't remember why - but ... well, the chance to attain spiritual enlightenment vs the chance to prod Mr Happy with a poky thing and help Mr Tickle tickle a monkey.

Perhaps they are simply two paths to the same goal. I shall now contemplate this while watching the wonder that is Splat Pig -


Puddock said...

That pig is a metaphor for my life...splat...reform yourself, splat...reform yourself...splat

Greetings to you and Madame, Bear. Haven't seen you around for a while. How is the big city? I do miss it so.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oooo yum I luv a crisp arfternoon! Corse, a hunny arfternoon is eevn better....


An WAT is goin on wiv that pig?