Friday, 7 March 2008

Whatever happened to Baby Bear?

Some of this ...

We would probably have enjoyed it more if it hadn't rained quite so hard and if Madame had brought her wellies and had a map rather than a vague list of directions and I hadn't ended up with bright red fur thanks to a dodgy bag and a leaky water bottle.

We did like our hotel - we had a snuggly room just right for a bear and its Madame.

There were some nice little shops - I got a 1966 Sooty annual in the bookshop and Madame found one of these in Jenny Wren's shop. Making her a very happy Madame.

But we had to come home. To bills and work and washing.

So yay for the weekend! I'm bear-coloured again. Madame's going to get her fluff chopped tomorrow and then she's going to see that Hanif Kureishi bloke talking about the film Venus.

If you're looking for something cheery to do then she would like to recommend the play The Wall. I would like to recommend snuggling up somewhere warm and doing as little as possible but a bit of brilliantly acted, funny, heart warming theatre is good stuff too. :o)

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Mtnphotoman said...

Hey there,
Just wanted to say thanks for the comment on my blog. The silly human and I may be coming back to England again for the NEC Bike show in November. Afterward the silly human Gary wants to spend a week in Scotland to see where his family came from. Maybe while we're there we could meet up for a pint (or three) at the local Pub! We'll let you know what we end up doing! It looks like you had fun on your little trip, except for the getting a bit damp and colored! But it looks like you survived alright. Well, keep Madame happy and maybe we'll meet sometime.
Bearnard B. Behr (A.K.A. Bearnie)
and the silly human Gary