Monday, 24 March 2008

Thoughts of bunnies on a snowy spring day

Here I am with my Peter Rabbit Easter egg bucket on my head. Madame took the chocolate eggs, even though she's not that keen on Easter egg chocolate. While she was working I was watching wispy drifts of snow falling and examining the tree outside the window for signs of spring.

This time last year we were in Latvia.

I don't remember seeing the Easter Bunny in Latvia. There was a pig who ran about tickling people. Not sure if that was an Easter tradition or just a veggie pushed over the edge by the big barrel of stewing pig snouts on offer. There was a bear with a big egg. The pig stole the egg. Everyone laughed then they sang a song. Chickens danced. Hum. Maybe that wasn't Latvia. Maybe this was a nightmare I had. Hum.

Any way. No bunnies. Poor old bunnies. They're not just for Easter you know. Let's celebrate bunnies right through the year.

The scary Polish bunny. Crash test bunny. A bunny in Barcelona. Steamed bunny buns. Little White Bunny. Big pink bunny. Rabbits!

And King Coco (not a bunny) - Your Majesty, long may you reign over us - *tries to curtsey. falls over* - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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Puddock said...

Hey you groovy bear!

Pop over to The View From the Pond and pick up an Easter Excellent Blog award with hugs from me to you!