Sunday, 4 October 2009

October revolution

shhhhhhhhhhh! *alert ears. shifty peepers*

I have disguised myself as a couple of balls of cheap worsted weight acrylic and, if anyone asks, we are talking about knitting mittens.

So. Yes. Twitter is A Good Thing. Mostly. It can - in the wrong paws - be a Very Very Dull Thing. Just like a ball of yarn. You can waste it on a boring old scarf or ... I'm sorry. What am I saying? Twitter. It's all Mitch Benn's fault.

We've had some fun with the old Myspace. Introduced us to some very fine stuffies like Spud and King Coco and their families. It's been good for music. But it has definately been losing ground recently. Very quiet.

Some people have been moving over to that FaceBook. Didn't fancy it. Not very bear friendly apparently. Madame - who isn't very sociable - prefers the practical sites like LibraryThing and Ravelry.

Then Mitch Benn does his Twitter song ...

Mitch Benn is one of my favourite humans. I was lucky. I caught Madame when she was too tired to resist and, by the time she realised that "Mitch Benn told me to do it" probably wasn't a good excuse, it was too late.

Turns out some of my favourite humans are twittering.

And there are stuffies! Old friends like Mooch and new chaps like Mr Rusty Monkey out in Carolina. I hadn't heard of the Gullah or Cherokee Tears until Mr Monkey mentioned them. Very educational for a bear of limited education.

It's wonderful to be catching up with other toys. It can be a lonely life. Back in the old days - when I was a cub - social networking was limited to a yoghurt pot telephone and a bit of chat in the toy box after lights out. Might get to see other toys in passing at play group or nursery but we were working and a lot of soft toys took early retirement. Got replaced by scary dolls. Ended up in dark, damp attics.

I've carried on working. Travelled about with Madame. She needs a lot of looking after. I couldn't leave her running wild and unchecked. My old mates Poogle and Mummy Ted have gone to live in a box on top of the bookcase. They're fine with that. Dust them every now and then and they're happy. But I wanted more.

I want things that toys my age aren't supposed to want - I want to dance to loud music, climb trees, bounce on trampolines, go fast across playgrounds in my biscuit tin car, run away from cats, build pillow forts, wear stylish outfits and fabulous frocks. All that and more.

And now I'm meeting other toys doing the same or better. Blogging. Twittering. Good stuff!

Time to get back to work. They've let that Madame have a day off tomorrow. I know her. She'll sit up all night playing with the evil yarn mountain. Then she'll be tired and grumpy. For a change.

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Marlowe said...

I was really surprised when I found all sorts of teddies and other plushies posting their thoughts online. It's very liberating!

I wish my mom would take me out more often, but she seems to be awfully busy! Maybe someday!