Friday, 20 November 2009

Nowhere in November

Lots of coming and going recently. Not me. I'm still in the same place. Surrounded by knitting, undone housework, piles of paper, dying house plants, and more knitting.

Bit sad when I found out that my mates Mr Flynn and Mr Beaver were moving to California. Don't know why they want to go there. We have such lovely weather in Scotland. Sometimes it doesn't rain and it's not always grey and gloomy.

Cheered up a little bit when I found out they were going to be just up the road from the amazing Spud Murphy and his wonderful singing and scarf knitting hillbillie. We could go and visit them if we weren't poor and didn't have a fear of airports. We are going to have to think of an alternative. So far we have had to reject plans involving hot air balloons and getting work as cooks on a tramp steamer. That last one was only scuppered because neither of us can cook and we're not sure what a tramp steamer is or if they exist anymore. Otherwise it was a rather good plan.

They left and Coco arrived. His Highness King Coco Pops von Sunshine of Essex is up here on a state visit. He was promised lots of adventures and excitement but so far he's had one trip to Edinburgh and done a lot of hanging about the flat with me and been forced to model knitwear.

Madame has been a right gloomy panda recently. It's not my fault that she's not allowed to hibernate. Odd the things that cheer her up.

Can understand a good book - "Confessions of a failed southern lady" by Florence King sounds like good stuff. Although "Hitler's Canary" by Sandi Toksvig might be better for younger bears and madames.

Less impressed when she got excited over the new Byres Road Waitrose but the shiny only lasted until the first busy Sunday afternoon. She did bring us a box of Happy Monkey and Bear but apparently this Sunday I'm doing the shopping and she's having the afternoon nap.

Totally mystified by her *SQUEE! happy dance* over the news that Gourock is getting a new LYS and Ysolda Teague is going to be there next Saturday. No idea. Who's Gourock? Will the LYS eat small bears? What's an Ysolda Teague?

Let's ask Stinky Teddy.

Ysolda Teague

It's a wool thing then. Oh dearie. More wool. More knitting. I'm just going to pop over to teddy7733's blog. Excellent travel guide for small bears. Looks like I might be needing an escape plan.

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