Friday, 11 December 2009


It's a nice thought. Midwinter. I don't why. I just like it. In the deep midwinter and all that. I'm not so keen on plain old winter. That's just dull and dark and cold and wet and gloomy. But a proper bit of midwinter - that light you only get when it snows and bright frosty air that makes me snout tingle and makes me think that all kinds of things might be possible. Right at the middle of it all and knowing that the days will slowly be getting longer again.

Then again I don't have much of a commute - one side of the bed to the other - and I have never fallen bump, bump, bump down slidey snow covered stone steps.

Would have been bad if Coco had been stuck up here. It was lovely to see him but he had to travel home to Essex. He was incredibly brave and travelled all by himself by Royal Mail Special Delivery. We had a Postman Pat voodoo doll ready but he actually arrived ahead of schedule. Be nice to go and visit him sometime but I think I'd take Madame and she is too big to fit in an envelope so we would probably have to go by bus or train. Do they have buses and trains in Essex? I think Coco gets chauffeured everywhere, what with him being royal. I really need to look at a map. I do know that Essex is Down South Somewhere but so, I believe, are a lot of places.

And now it's just her and me again. We have a new bed with a wibbly wobbly mattress. We have new pillows. Less wibbly wobbly. A new oven. Not wibbly or wobbly. A big exciting pile of new books to look at. She has some wool to play with. She has a lot of wool to play with. And other types of yarn. There are a few presents to unwrap. Pyjamas and hot water bottles ready. A few lovely days of mooching before we head off to see various People and Cats in various Places.

That, my lovelies, is a Midwinter plan to make a small velvety bear happy.

wavy paw and best wishes from Bear


Marlowe said...

It sounds like you're having a fine winter. Things are pretty quiet around here as well-- although we don't have any visitors.

Sullivan McPig said...

Coco is very brave: I would be scared to get lost when traveling by mail.

Coco Calavera said...

Coco and I have the same name!

Have a nice Christmas!

Coco Calavera said...

Have a nice Christmas!