Thursday, 14 January 2010

No new ears

So I work from home and maybe it does look like I'm just lounging about in bed all day, staring in to space and doing nowt. I'll have you know that the life of a small bear is full of trauma and angst. I have to protect the pyjamas from pyjama thieves and something horrible could happen to those pillows if I wasn't here to keep them in their place. And looking after Madame. That is a whole heap of hard work.

I haven't had much time for hobbies. She has her knitting and moaning about things.

Do enjoy a good book. Have a couple waiting for me by the bed - Teddy Bear Stories for Grown Ups and The Panda Book of Horror. The Panda book has a story in it by Ian Potter - the chap behind the rather excellent No Tomatoes.

I did have the rally driving but having to give that up now that my navigator has gone off to California to hunt jackalopes.

Got some new coloured pencils recently. Would be nice to do a bit of drawing but they are rather smart Muppet pencils. All lovely in a Fozzie Bear tin. Don't want to waste their loveliness.

What to do? tum te tum

Hang on. This looks promising. Dude Craft! I'm a crafty dude.

And here it is - the perfect hobby. I just have to roll under the bed and I'll have everything I need for dust bunny sculpture.

I am a happy bear :o)


Sullivan McPig said...

The Panda Book of Horror sounds like a must read!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

"the life of a small bear is full of trauma and angst." so troo!!! SOOOO troo!!!!

THank yu for the intrestin links, wich I enjoyd followin.

I wud luv to see a foto ov yor pensil set.

The Teddy Bear Family said...

We have a wonderful hobby that we recommend. We snoop in our buddies' blogs to find who they snoop to. That's how we found you - another bear blogger. So cool!

We were reading Teddy Bear Stories for Grown-ups right about the time you wrote this. It really was for grown-ups. Scared us more than once! It's months later, and we still remember the bear who survived The War and the bear who loved a mule.

Love your profile. We had to laugh when we read "trauma sponge," and Mommy has no idea why. kehehehehehe