Monday, 30 April 2007

bear is by da window

When I signed up to be a toy bear ... actually I don't remember signing anything ... one minute I was minding my own business and next thing ... hum, should I be calling my union or Amnesty? Hum. Any way, whatever, I'm not expecting my life to be all stretch limos, bling and hos. Which is a good thing. Today I was given a "special treat". I was allowed to look out of the window. At the tree outside. My head is just spinning with the dizzying thrill of it all. I'll bet that Snoop Dogg just wishes he was me.

Apparently I will be listening to mostly Mitch Benn this week. Her "I'm so poor. I have no money. I need to buy things to cheer me up" parcel has arrived from Amazon and it seems to be mostly Mitch Benn. This is alright with me because Mitch Benn is very funny and quite furry.

And, while I'm listening to Mr Benn (that name rings a bell), I won't be able to hear Madame wittering on about that Rufus bloke. He has a new album out soon.

Oooooo! Excitement outside in the tree. I think it might be a bird. Or something. No. Just leaves.

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