Sunday, 22 April 2007

Jomas welcomes you to Jurmala

This is Jurmala - it stretches along the Latvian coast in the Gulf of Riga- here on the map - only 1.25Ls there and back in the train from Riga.

Jomas is from the Majori district of Jurmala. He misses the pine forests, the long sandy beach, and the bracing Baltic air. He wants to wander along Jomas iela (Jomas Street) on a sunny spring afternoon, admiring the beautiful little wooden houses, maybe shopping for some amber or stopping off at Cafe 53 for Rīgas kafija and a Biezpiena krēms ar aveņu mērci. Yum.

He was named after this street. Jomas is the Latvian word for parallel depressions between sandbars. It is not a very romantic name but it is a lovely street.

Artists and writers and musicians have come to Jurmala. You can visit Rainis and Apazija's summer villa - there is a monument to them on Jomas iela.

Jomas dreams of being a millionaire and buying a little cottage in Jurmala. He would write mournful poetry and walk along the beach at dawn and dusk.

A lot of the buildings in Jurmala needs some love and attention - like the old "Marienbade" sanatorium.

Jomas is far away from Jurmala now. He has come to live in Scotland. It is interesting but Scottish people can be very loud and scary. There are a lot of squirrels. And the bear is bossy.

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