Tuesday, 3 April 2007

hello, goodbye - or - never get out of the plane

It's been a tough time. Chaos, confusion and an unplanned indoor water feature. I am "new and improved". Hum. Slightly more boggly eyed than I'd like. And my nose is still a work-in-progress apparently. But at least all my bits are attached and I'm in a better condition than Her.

Big thanks to Nomi (bidie-in of Comehither Frog) for looking after Her the other day. And not laughing when my eyes fell out. We can save the big sack, a brick and a trip to the river for the next time. Bear salutes you.

So now I'm off to the Heart of Darkness - Riga.

Wish me luck.

Apocalypse Now Redux really was different, wasn't it ...

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