Monday, 29 January 2007

Maudlin, with moonlight

Bit gloomy today. She's a bit sad too. She says she wishes she was me. She wants to stay in bed all day while I go out to work, pay bills and hassle people to get things done. And then she gave me a big hug. But her copy of Tove Jansson's "Winter Book" has arrived today so she not doing anything tonight - no ironing, no bills, no swearing at Microsoft error messages (there was a lot of that yesterday) - just snuggling up with the book, some comfort food and her best bear. The best bear - that would be me. I hope.

She's added the moon phase thing for me, which is nice. I like looking out at the moon. Can't see many stars because of the orange fizzy sky over my city. I think I'd like to be the first bear on the moon. As long as I could come back again. Because it probably would get a bit dull.

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