Saturday, 13 January 2007


Window box squirrel. We weren't exactly friends but I'm missing him.
He hasn't been about for a while. It was my secret for at first. She goes out to do whatever it is that she does - buying shoes and chasing unsuitable men I think - and I sit here - doing big thinking - "is there a god?", "if I think, am I?", "what are Oasis for?". The window boxes are a bit dull. But there he was - sitting on her lettuces. He did make a bit of a mess. She set up Colditz for salad plants - green netting, barbed wire, gun turrets and little windmills. I liked his little wiggly ears and his come-hither fluffy tail. She bought a book about outwitting squirrels. He was too wily.
But no sign of him these days.

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