Monday, 21 May 2007

bunnies not even slightly in love and what I know about France

Busy time. Jomas, my squeaky little Latvian sidekick, is supposed to be doing a guide to Riga. He was supposed to do it weeks ago. So I'm thinking about doing "Bear's guide to Britain" instead.

Maybe "Europe" too. I like Europe. It's fun. What about France - it use to be run by pacifist monkeys with a cheese fetish and the new president is called Teacosie. How cool is that?

She says I'm wrong. She know nothing.

She's mithering about in the background. Trying to find ways to get to Texas. It's a long swim.

Only a couple of days after seeing "Dancing Animals in Love" I saw this on The Little White Bunny's myspace page. I like The Little White Bunny. They make loud, shouty music and they sent me a free virtual carrot. And they're Italian. That's in Europe. See, Europe = fun!

Anyway, this is almost the complete opposite of "Dancing Animals in Love" ...

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