Saturday, 5 May 2007

going to some town with that Rufus bloke

In other news:

This year's West End Festival programme is out. Bit dull.

Some election stuff happened but I didn't get a vote so I don't care. Humph.

It has been very sunny. Some people got to have a day off. Some people got to have picnics in the park. I didn't. Humph.

However a certain person did have a couple of pints of real ale last night and attempted to exit the pub via a door that wasn't there. That wasn't me. Snork. None of this beer unfortunately, but, if you want to repeat the experiment then I'm told you should try Paradise Ale and something that she thinks might have been called Alchemist's Gold. Tsk.

Someone. Not me - sensing a theme yet? Someone in this house has bought themselves a pair of shiny red Mary Janes on Ebay. I am informed that Mary Janes are a type of shoe. Poor lamb is down to her last 20 or so pairs of shoes so she had to have the Ebay shoes. Or the world would end. Or something.

And a whole year before we get Kung Fu Panda.

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