Monday, 14 May 2007

a watched Amazon order is never sent

I'm trying to catch up with "Beaver and Steve". It's the funniest thing since ... well, it's just very funny. Steve's green and Beaver's a beaver and it's funny and it's by someone called James Turner.

Sorry, but she's putting me off. Every two minutes she's in at her Amazon order - giving it a prod and wailing. No signs of that Wainwright album being dispatched.

Now, I'm not that bothered, but I've still got nearly two years worth of "Beaver and Steve" to catch up on. IT'S VERY, VERY FUNNY. Sorry, did I mention that? And she is putting me off. So, if they could just pop it in the post, that would be nice.

cough. could have bought it in a shop. with money. like the old days. ah, the sound of a thumping tunes on a wax cylinder. cough.

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