Monday, 7 May 2007

young love and a bag of yoghurt

Jomas has got himself a girlfriend.

Madame has got herself a new bag for her yoghurt mat.

What did I get? Nothing. Not even the day off. Holiday Monday and I'm WORKING. Humph. Hang on ...

um, forgot ...

She very kindly spent some time on my Myspace page yesterday and it's now new and improved and bright and sunny. A main theme of Partick Thistle colours - red, yellow and black - with hints of marine blue. And she's added some captions to the pictures.

I am a bear of small brain and short memory. I expect I was distracted by all the Rufus that's going on around me. He's on tomorrow night - the Radcliffe and Maconie show - the always excellent Mr. Radcliffe and Mr. Maconie. The chances of her doing anything else - say, answering the phone or noticing if the house burns down - between 8pm and 10pm tomorrow night will be extremely limited. Radio on and bear on best behaviour. If I want to live to see Wednesday.

And Jomas's new girlfriend is called Lily-Button. Allegedly. Looks like a Gladys to me.

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